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Sunday, June 3, 2001

Lackawanna and Luzerne County Schools

Lackawanna County

Abington Heights

Address: 222 Noble Road, Clarks Summit, Pa. 18411

Phone: 586-2511

Superintendent: Dr. Elvin LaCoe

Web site:

Enrollment: 3,623

Classroom teachers: 225

Number of schools: Six

Nuggets of knowledge: The music department was named one of the top 100 in the country by a panel of experts, including VH-1 TV. Two of the middle school Odyssey of the Mind teams made it to the world-class competition this year. The girls basketball team finished 29-2 in 1999-2000 and lost in the Eastern final for class AAAA to Cheltenham.

Carbondale Area

Address: Brooklyn St., Rt. 6, Carbondale, Pa. 18407

Phone: 282-4500

Superintendent: Martin Lawler

Web site:

Enrollment: 1,696

Classroom teachers: 86

Number of schools: Three

Nuggets of knowledge: Carbondale Elementary has begun a computer reading program to assess students' needs. Carbondale Area is the most recent area school to win a state basketball championship -- the boys basketball team captured the 1993 Class AA title. Four students were chosen from the school to attend the Governor's School of Excellence.


Address: 400 Warren St., Dunmore, Pa. 18512

Phone: 343-2110

Superintendent: Charles Mecca

Web site:

Enrollment: 1,710

Classroom teachers: 90

Number of schools: Two

Nuggets of knowledge: The high school football team won the Class A state championship in 1989. The high school women's basketball team was runner-up in the 1994 Class AA state championship. The district just formed its first curriculum council, which investigates all facets of curriculum from grades K-12.


Address: 1593 Lakeland Dr., Jermyn, Pa. 18433

Phone: 254-9485

Superintendent: Robert Ghigiarelli

Web site:

Enrollment: 1,744

Classroom teachers: 87

Number of schools: Three

Nuggets of knowledge: The regional Spelling Bee champion has come from Lakeland three out of the last four years. Clubs such as the Future Business Leaders of America, the Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America and Envirothon team have received statewide and national recognition for their accomplishments. The district is the first public school in the area to require uniforms for all its students.

Mid Valley

Address: 52 Underwood Road, Throop, Pa. 18512

Phone: 307-1119

Superintendent: Dr. Joseph G. Crotti

Web site:

Enrollment: 1,697

Classroom teachers: 102

Number of schools: Two

Nuggets of knowledge: The Phonemic Awareness Reading Program at the Mid Valley Elementary Center was recently recognized as among the best in Pennsylvania. This year's computer science class redesigned the district's Web site, which now includes an online edition of the school newspaper. Sixth graders spent some time out of the classroom preparing and serving lunch at the St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen in Scranton.

North Pocono

Address: 701 Church Street, Moscow, Pa. 18444

Phone: 842-7659

Superintendent: Dr. Louis DeFazio

Web site:

Enrollment: 3,367

Classroom teachers: 189

Number of schools: Five

Nuggets of knowledge: The district has a thriving drama program and four-year coursework with a 125-seat black-box theater as a classroom and rehearsals stage. The Interact Club attracts many students to community service. Middle School students earned a grant to form a group promoting non-violence to younger students.

Old Forge

Address: Marion Street, Old Forge, Pa. 18518

Phone: 457-6721

Superintendent: Dr. Gene Camoni

Web site: None

Enrollment: 1,036

Classroom teachers: 57

Number of schools: Two

Nuggets of knowledge: In the past 32 years, the district has produced more than 40 medical doctors. The Student Council has given seminars at gatherings in Pittsburgh and throughout the United States. The district's sports program produced a basketball team which made it to the Class A Eastern finals and garnered a state baseball championship -- the only one in the Lackawanna League -- for the Blue Devils in 1992.


Address: 310 Davis St., Taylor, Pa. 18517

Phone: 562-2121

Superintendent: Dr. John Rooney

Web site:

Enrollment: 1,571

Classroom teachers: 87

Number of schools: Three

Nuggets of knowledge: Not only did high school students hold a mock election in November, they also created campaign posters and made speeches on behalf of presidential and congressional candidates. The district teamed with Marywood University to increase teachers' reading and literacy instruction skills. The high school grounds include an observatory which allows students and the public to get a closer look at the universe.


Address: 425 N. Washington Ave., Scranton, Pa. 18503

Phone: 348-3438

Superintendent: Dr. John R. Williams

Web site:

Enrollment: 8,755

Classroom teachers: 593

Number of schools: 18

Nuggets of knowledge: New $56 million Scranton High School set to open for 2001-02 school year. A $1.4 million U.S. Department of Education grant will fund after-school programs over the next three years. Scranton High's Lady Knights capture their first Lackawanna Division I basketball championship in 51-48 victory over Scranton Prep in February.

Valley View

Address: 1 Columbus Drive, Archbald, Pa. 18403

Phone: 876-5080

Superintendent: Joseph M. Daley

Web site: http: //vvsd.neiu.k12.

Enrollment: 2,542

Classroom teachers: 144

Number of schools: Four

Nuggets of knowledge: District recently received outstanding evaluation leading to an accreditation for growth by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The district participated in the Future Business Leaders of America Pennsylvania State Leadership Conference. High school students participated in "Increase the Peace Day" in March, where they signed their names to the class banner to show their commitment to keeping peace and stomping out violence.

Luzerne County


Address: 281 S. Mountain Blvd., Mountain Top, Pa. 18707

Phone: 474-6888

Superintendent: Theodore J. Geffert

Web site:

Enrollment: 2,923

Classroom teachers: 145

Number of schools: Four

Nuggets of knowledge: High school holds Pride in Crestwood, or PIC Day, which includes games, a wellness fair, food and prizes on the day of the prom to instill pride and promote a drug- and alcohol-free prom. Students placed high in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science and MATHCOUNTS competitions. The varsity girls' field hockey team, the winner of state and district championships in the past, won the district title last fall.


Address: Box 2000, Dallas, Pa. 18612

Phone: 675-5201

Superintendent: Dr. Gilbert Griffiths

Web site:

Enrollment: 2,455

Classroom teachers: 149

Number of schools: Four

Nuggets of knowledge: Students have participated in several community service projects. Middle school students raised $10,000 in a walk-a-thon at Harveys Lake and elementary students took up a collection for the family of a student who had a brain tumor. The football team took the Class AAA Eastern Conference title last fall. Several students were place winners in district band and chorus competitions.

Greater Nanticoke Area

Address: 427 Kosciuszko St., Nanticoke, Pa. 18634

Phone: 735-1270

Superintendent: Anthony Perrone

Web site:

Enrollment: 2,220

Classroom teachers: 110

Number of schools: Five

Nuggets of knowledge: Elementary schools in the district have been celebrating a multicultural year with programs and activities about other countries. The Greater Nanticoke Volleyball team was district champions in 2000. Elementary students collected spare change as part of a year-long project called Pennies for Pines to buy evergreen trees to line the playground fence.

Hanover Area

Address: 1600 Sans Souci Parkway, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 18702

Phone: 831-2313

Superintendent: Dr. Alberta Griffiths

Web site:

Enrollment: 2,254

Classroom teachers: 122

Number of schools: Five

Nuggets of knowledge: Several students took first place at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition. A second grader won first place in the National PTA Reflections contest for his essay on adoption. The girls softball team made the playoffs.

Hazleton Area

Address: 1515 W. 23rd St., Hazleton, Pa. 18201

Phone: 459-3111

Superintendent: Dr. Geraldine Shepperson

Web site:

Enrollment: 8,290

Classroom teachers: 436

Number of schools: 10

Nuggets of knowledge: Four students recently took first place in Penn State competition for a bridge they built in walk area behind their high school. The district introduced conflict management and peer mediation for secondary students. The Career Center is now offering a robotics class.


Address: P.O. Box 38, Lehman, Pa. 18627

Phone: 675-2165

Superintendent: Robert O. Roberts

Web site:

Enrollment: 2,288

Classroom teachers: 123

Number of schools: Five

Nuggets of knowledge: Senior high students, faculty and some donkeys had a ball in January during a basketball game that raised $4,500 for the class' trip to Washington, D.C. Sophomores in the advanced humanities class hosted an international dinner with authentic foods from around the world for parents, teachers and other students to enjoy. More than 650 pieces of art were shown at Lehman Jackson Elementary School's spring art show.

Northwest Area

Address: 243 Hill Road, Schickshinny, Pa. 18655

Phone: 542-4126

Superintendent: Robert Gardner

Web site:

Enrollment: 1,518

Classroom teachers: 93

Number of schools: Five

Nuggets of knowledge: The senior high school held an "Our Town" Day this spring and invited local merchants, artists, service groups and church groups to set up displays at the school to demonstrate the community's connection to the school district. Two administrative assistants debuted their teaching skills this year by voluntarily teaching two art classes on how to design stamp art and how to weave fibers. The school took home a state award after a group of students won first place in a science-music contest by singing their lesson about neutrons to the tune of "My Girl."

Pittston Area

Address: 5 Stout St., Yatesville, Pa. 18640

Phone: 654-2271

Superintendent: Dr. Frank Serino

Web site:

Enrollment: 3,240

Classroom teachers: 180

Number of schools: Five

Nuggets of knowledge: Two students were winners in the recent American Chemical Society High School chemistry competition, which included students from eight counties in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. The girls softball team advanced to the playoffs this spring and had given up just one earned run in 15 games. Thirty-one high school students volunteered to cross-breed two varieties of tomato plants in the school's greenhouse to try to develop a hybrid tomato unique to the Pittston area.

Wilkes-Barre Area

Address: 730 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 18711

Phone: 826-7127

Superintendent: Dr. Jeffrey T. Namey

Web site:

Enrollment: 7,371

Classroom teachers: 461

Number of schools: 11

Nuggets of knowledge: Over 450 elementary students took part in Luzerne County Tobacco-Free Kids Day Rally in March. Ninety musicians from across the district come together each spring for the annual All-Area Orchestra performance. Students from GAR, Meyers and Coughlin take part in Luzerne County's Human Resources School to Work program by helping out at the St. Vincent dePaul Kitchen.

Wyoming Area

Address: 20 Memorial St., Exeter, Pa. 18643

Phone: 655-3733

Superintendent: Ray Bernardi

Web site:

Enrollment: 2,743

Classroom teachers: 136

Number of schools: Five

Nuggets of knowledge: Faculty and students at Sarah J. Dymond elementary are preparing to use a new greenhouse -- the latest addition to the school's half-mile nature trail -- for science and ecology studies. Students wrapped a 3,359-foot red ribbon around the Secondary Center in May to show the school's stance against drug and alcohol use. The district introduced a new Cisco Academy online networking program for students this year.

Wyoming Valley West

Address: 450 N. Maple Ave., Kingston, Pa. 18704

Phone: 288-6551

Superintendent: Andrew P. Marko

Web site: None

Enrollment: 5,411

Classroom teachers: 308

Number of schools: Nine

Nuggets of knowledge: Fifth- and sixth-grade students from Dana Street Elementary raised full-grown butterflies from larvae and released them into the wild in May. The Wyoming Valley West football team captured the Division 1 title, the AAAA District 2 championship and competed in the state playoffs in 2000. Eight juniors and seniors from the high school took the Junior Engineering Test, claiming first place on the local level, tying for first on the state level and finishing 43rd nationally.